Get the most of the Dordogne while you are there...

Massage: Ayurvedic or Chinese

Massage is important in the process of maintaining your health, it brings you a general well-being, a real break of sweetness and dynamism in your life.

What massage Ayurveda offers you....

Ayurvedic massage is a form of treatment originating in India more than seven thousand years ago and is suitable for individuals of all ages. It involves a combination of massage and therapeutic oils to achieve deep relaxation and relief of common disorders and can alleviate symptoms of a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions. This includes pain relief, improved circulation, stress relief, improved sleep, enhanced physical flexibilty, and emotional benefits. With ayurvedic massage, deep-seated toxins in the joints and tissues can be loosened and released into the system for elimination, with resultant benefits   


What Chinese massage offers you....

This practice of Chinese energy massage promotes the circulation of energy in your body, soothes muscle tension, anxiety, stimulates the immune system, circulation of blood and lymph, and brings you to a deep relaxation and relaxation. appeasement.
Relaxing, fluid, energetic and deep massage, working on the meridians, with acupressions and techniques brought by traditional Chinese medicine. The massage is made with organic sesame oil and warm on a massage table, accompanied by a relaxing music.​



           FULL BODY MASSAGE 60 MINS 95







Horse Ridding

Perigord is a world known by his landscape paradise, horse is the best ways to discover it.

Take a full or a half day ride and enjoy the Nature and History of this area.

Ask us about some of the best places to practice it and book it on advanced.

Wine Tasting

The Dordogne is at the heart of some of the finest vineyards in the world - Bordeaux, St Emilion, Monbazillac, Bergerac.

Note that although south-west france is rightly famous for its wines, the dordogne includes few of the well known vineyards (eg Bergerac, Monbazillac) while most fall a little to the east, south and west... Having said that the Bergerac wines are increasing in quality each year and are generally thought to be an up and coming wine appellation.

The main wines in the Bergerac area are: Bergerac, Pecharmant, Monbazillac, Saussignac, Rosette and Montravel.

Please ask for place to go and to visit for an unique Wine tasting experience.

Caviar Visit & Tasting

In the heart of the historic & gourmet Dordogne, the village of Neuvic gave its name to a quality brand of producer: Caviar de Neuvic.

Located on the banks of the Isle, the river pioneer sturgeon breeding in Aquitaine, ONLY 15min from Chateau La Thuiliere.

The estate manages the breeding of Sturgeon fishes and the development of caviar. Research, innovation and respect for all natural balances inspire the quality requirement of Caviar de Neuvic.

Vineyards EXCLUSIVE Experience 

With « 2B Wine Not? »; join us for the «vineyards experience» between Bergerac and Bordeaux. Let us guide you for a unique and sociable trip, where you will enjoy wine tasting, discover terroirs and local produce, and meet passionate winemakers …

We pick you up at the hotel We handle everything, you just have to enjoy! We introduce you to exceptional wines and french gastronomy

For more informations : +33 (0) or


Perigueux (40min): 

Open to all, it allows the progression of confirmed players who improve their little game, and the discovery of golf in the field for beginners. Composed of nine playful and varied holes of good quality, it is very appreciated by the players who use it in addition to the great course.
Free access for club members, 15 € for outside players.

Saint Méard de Gurçon (30min):

Based on the heights of the Country of Montaigne, in Purple Périgord, between St Emilion and Bergerac, our golf invites you to discover our 9 holes course on a beautiful natural site. You will practice this playful sport in a friendly and family atmosphere, that therefore meets your requirements.


Of all the activities practiced in the Dordogne Valley, fishing is certainly one of the most emblematic. Local fishermen even consider it to be the "mecca" of fishing and more specifically of fly fishing.
Please contact us for more information.